February 7, 2016

Cultural Transformation

The FOTi Group provides a unique approach aimed at unleashing an organization’s ability to connect the right initiatives, while stimulating the imagination and passion of employees at all levels and by “connecting the heart and soul to their work, their company, and its mission”. We believe that this is the power behind sustainable success.
We help organizations to prosper over a long time period, through multiple product life cycles and multiple generations of leaders. The FOTi Group believes that success is not a victory or result, but a perpetual fulfillment of state of mind with clear intentions and full commitment.


VIA 600
We have developed a program called VIA – “Visibility, Improvement, Alignment”. It encapsulates a number of behaviours that are intented to produce immediate “breakthrough” organizational improvement.
We consider it most important that a united approach (that is, an approach that is shared among members of a group) is fostered with a very specific focus on a vision. This vision must be both well-understood and consistent with the aims of the individuals if it is to be readily achieved.
Having a simple mechanism to which everyone can refer as a frame of reference as they move forwards during a period of cultural change (which may include re-alignment and/or reassignment)
has proved to be a valuable “enabler”.
Several process improvement programs may be required to run sequentially or simultaneously. Some should be addressing shortcomings in functional areas while others reconnect cross-functional processes.
Robust KPIs are essential for providing full visibility as the business processes become more aligned.
In each Developmental Area (which may include a number of process improvement programs) we need to constantly encourage:

  1. Clear focus on the goals, to that time is made available as a priority even when no “spare” time may be easily apparent.
  2. Intensive, engaged and committed communication (which should not be confused with overcommunication). People have told us that this feels like the way to “uncork” the organisation.People Process Technology
  3. Resilience, or persistent motivation when things feel tough. Motivation is like a fuel, needed in great quantities for initial take-off and climbing to an elevated level.

Typically, motivation within the teams becomes more readily self-generated after the first few consistent wins. Fluid communication, without internal politics, becomes the norm as teams continue with a natural focus towards the vision that they now fully understand.

The Five Domains of a High-Performance Organization

High-performance organizations are the exemplars of successful businesses. They represent real-world models of a modern managerial ideal: organizations that excel in so many areas that they consistently outperform competitors for extended periods of time.
Companies that excel in the following five key human capital domains are more likely to outperform competitors, engage employees and realize bottom-line impact. The five domains of a high-performance organization system are as follows:

  1. Strategy
    An organization’s human capital must be aligned to the business strategy so that every employee is focused on the same goal.High Performance pict 350

  3. Leadership
    Leaders must communicate performance expectations, develop and promote the right people and convince employees that their behaviors are critical to success.

  5. Talent
    HR strategy must be developed around the business model to ensure that the proper human capital components are put in place to drive business value.

  7. Culture
    The values and beliefs at all levels and in all departments must be aligned, and existing and future leaders should be role models for this culture.

  9. Market
    Every employee in the organization should understand the marketplace and customers and should know how his or her job impacts business results.